Buying property

Buying property


Start with the set maximum amount that can be placed. Think if you need a bank loan. Please tell us as precisely as possible what type ofproperty you are looking for and what area. Book a presentation and negotiation.


If you found the property which you like, you can always make an offer. We will discuss the matter with the owner andwe will tell you whether your offer a ccepted.


We prepare the first contract of sale, and check the documents to ensure that all is in order the seller'sside. We will discuss what other services you want from us. We and our partners through you will get a full service inalmost all housing related matters. When a contract is made, the buyer pays a deposit. Normally deposit  is 10%.  For new homes is different, depends on the builder.


If you need a loan for buying an property, we will help you find the best possible terms. We work in partnership with a number of banks andassist you in matters relating to loan applications. The loan processing time should book at least 2-4 weeks.

NOTARY (notarypublic)

Notary to strengthen the housing market and he is also responsible for ensuring tha tthe property is owned by the seller and not subject toconstraints. The buyer may choose to come to this event, or to provide the careagency to represent them by proxy. Buyer pay sall costs forthe notary and registration of trade costs.


You are now a home owner. We also make sure that your home is adequately insured, electricity and water contracts as well. We will help youin all things that you need to get you a good start.

In Spain every housing trade is a real estate business. When you are arranging your finance for the purchase of a property, it is vital to remember that there are always fees related to a legal transfer of properties. These fees include the 10 % IVA (VAT)+1,5%, resale 10 % tax. The notary charges, property registry fees, translation and interpretation fees, etc. It is standard practice that in addition to the stated price, the fees to the buyer will normally come to around 13 to 14 % of the cost of the property.


Remeca Invest real estate agency accepts no responsibility with regard to the prices shown on our website, as they are indicative only. Also the floor plans or the pictures may not be an accurate representation of the property. We reserve the right to change this publication without notice.